A poesia de cair

e de se levantar,

de perder

e de recomeçar,

esquece apenas que,

às vezes,

o que se perdeu

não se encontra

em qualquer lugar.


It takes some time, girl,

for you to become

a person.


At first you’re just hair and hips

swinging around.

At first you’re just smile and lipstick

and perfume and

your silhouette.


Then you speak

and you’re smart

and your ideas take over the room.

Then you’re compassionate

and you’re wise.

Then you’re the friend, the funny,

not just the blonde

the girl

the hottie



Once your magnificent soul

spreads out into the world

you become a person

and you can never go back

to what you used to be.


It is uncanny that

your existence incarnates

when they get to transcend

the sight of your flesh.


A person’s existence

lies way beyond

what can be seen.


I owe you nothing

I owe you no yes

I made you no promises

and you’re not entitled

to anything mine


You’re so used to being on top

to making decisions

regardless of others

but I am not

your path to choose


And it’s so surprising

that it feels like pain

for being rejected

like you did before

so many times


You’re so used to believing

that everything you want

is meant for you


Well here’s what you get from me

and I’m sorry to be

the first one to let you know

but my offer to you is my biggest

and brightest and loudest and mightiest



Os olhos seguem o vulto no jardim

Escorre a luz do sol em seu cabelo

Cabeça baixa, tomo apontamentos

Resignada, a vida segue adiante.


Esse convite a ousar admitir

O que é realmente importante

Requer coragem para assentir

E nem todos são bravos o bastante.

Out of the Blue

You should materialize

in front of me right now

for I am bored and lonely

and life has no expectations.


You should come out of the blue

and bring me novelty

with your shining smile

and everything that is all I want.


You should read my thoughts

and tell me funny jokes

while you open a bottle of wine

made from the kind of grapes I like.


You should take your guitar

and turn my blues into music

and we would dance as if we knew how

and I would tell and you wouldn’t judge.


You should be the one who comes to aid

when things are broken beyond repair,

for you should try and fail and persist,

and you should be the one who is there.